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The Company


Stalwart is an organisation whose team have a long and strong history with Mining & Contractor machines and vehicles that must be equipped with operator protection to meet the requirements laid down by the Australian Mining Industry.

The CEO, Murray Paddison has been involved in the mining and construction industries since 1970 initially as an end user and latterly a service and engineered product supplier.

His experience with the design, test, manufacture, installation, inspection and the auditing of Roll Over and Falling Object Protection (ROPS & FOPS) began in the early nineties when it became mandatory for designated equipment involved in mining to have ROPS / FOPS installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS2294.


We have an understanding and appreciation of the end use of the vehicle or item of plant, taking into account factors such as axle loadings, weight & height restrictions, statutory regulations, operating environment etc.


We comply with the Australian Standard required by the Australian Mining Industry where a prototype structure must have been destructively proven in accordance with that particular machine type test regime.

Evidence of that test has been recorded in accordance with standard, and is available for scrutiny if required.


Detailed manufacturing procedures are prepared and issued ensuring that the structure meets the tested design.

Each structure is given a unique serial number.

A plaque is affixed to each structure providing the necessary detail meeting the standard.

A register is maintained for each structure, which includes date of manufacture, host vehicle/machine, owner and job number to afford full traceability.

Job records include Material Mill Test Reports as are the names of the qualified individual trades persons involved in the manufacture


The standard makes allowance for organisations experienced in the manufacture of these structures to be approved repairers

The repaired structures have a plaque affixed attesting to its compliance.

All repaired structure details are included in the register.


As we are experienced in the design & manufacture we are also permitted to make minor modifications to the OEM structure as necessary.

All modified structure details are included in the register


We are able to advise on compliance appropriate to the standard & both the WA Mines Regulation Act 1997 and Workplace Health & safety Act 1996

Sign Off New acquisitions


Fleet compliance to the act

Condition reports with recommendations.


In summary if you want a professionally engineered product at an appropriate cost in a timely manner certified for the job at hand, a structure repair / recertification, fleet audit / inspection call for an obligation free estimate.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten